Do not let flashy commercials fool you. Lawyers in faraway cities are not capable of handling your case effectively, efficiently or with the compassion and personal connection you deserve.

In recent years Chaile has noticed an increase in advertising in West Texas areas from very large, big city law firms. Many of these advertisements include commercials from large firms from Houston, Dallas or other large cities.

Trusting your case to a local West Texas attorney has many more advantages than hiring a big city lawyer that is hundreds of miles away from West Texas. Local attorneys are familiar with the local court system and many of them have strong relationships with the local community.

It is unreasonable to believe that a Houston attorney is going to aggressively or effectively represent a client in Abilene or the surrounding communities. It is a far distance and an out of town lawyer simply cannot dedicate the time and resources to a client who is over eight hours away. In fact, many attorneys know that a big city lawyer does not want to travel many hours for every court hearing, deposition or case meeting and will use that information strategically to pay less money to an injured client to settle the case.

The following is a list of reasons why it is important for a client to consider hiring a local lawyer and avoid seeking representation from a big city lawyer in other areas of the state.

1. Having a local lawyer will reduce the costs of your case

Whether you hire a lawyer on a contingency fee basis or an hourly rate basis, it is in your best interest to reduce the amount of costs ultimately billed to you. If you hire big city lawyer, you will ultimately have to pay for mileage or flights when the lawyer has to travel for your case, any meals eaten while the lawyer is traveling for your case, hotel costs when the lawyer is traveling for your case and numerous other expenses a local attorney will not incur. Hiring a local lawyer will mean more money remains in your pocket.

2. Local lawyers are qualified for “big cases”

Many clients believe that they can get better results once they hire a large law firm in Dallas, Austin or Houston. These cities certainly have talented lawyers but a local lawyer such as Chaile Allen will be similarly qualified to represent you equally as well, if not better. Chaile Allen is able to devote more one on one time with her clients and give their case the attention that larger firms with a higher case load simply cannot do.

3. Local lawyers can more effectively judge the value of your case or the likelihood of success

A local attorney knows and can fairly judge the temperament in the community and the likelihood of a fair and reasonable verdict being returned in your particular matter.

4. Local attorneys spend, hire and invest locally

Business owners in a particular city have the incentive of supporting the local businesses in the community. Local attorneys also support local business by hiring local support staff, shopping at local stores, paying local taxes, hiring the services of local providers and dining at local restaurants. But when you work with a lawyer who resides in another faraway city, you are supporting the community from where they live.

5. Local Attorneys know the opposing lawyer, the courtroom customs and the local judges

For attorneys who come from other cities, they may have never met the judge who is handling the case. A big city attorney will not know the judge’s likes and dislikes or how the judge runs the courtroom. Local lawyers are often more comfortable in courtrooms with local judges and this often translates into better client representation.

6. Having established local connections

Not only will a local lawyer have a connection with the local courts, but local lawyers also have relationships with other community business leaders and health care providers that may be necessary for proving elements of a client’s case or helping a client move forward after suffering injury due to the negligence of another.

7. Convenient location and greater access for the client

There is nothing more aggravating for a client than not being able to speak with their attorney. Hiring a local lawyer ensures that a client will be able to meet face to face with their lawyer whenever necessary and will not have to rely on phone calls or emails as their only source of communication.

8. Vetting a local Attorney is easier

You can learn about the reputation of a local attorney and the quality of services provided by asking others who have resided in the community for a number of years. Locals know about Chaile. They are unlikely to know anything about lawyers from other communities who travel to West Texas once a year to meet with or solicit clients.

9. A desire to maintain a quality reputation

Chaile Allen has worked very hard to establish her reputation as a quality and honest attorney and she will go out of her way to prove that reputation is deserved. Nothing is more important to Chaile than to maintain the reputation of being fair and honest with her clients and to achieve the best results possible on their behalf.

Chaile’s principle office is located in Abilene, Texas. Chaile is familiar with the citizens of this community. Don’t be fooled by big city lawyers. Whether you need representation for business or estate planning matters or if you were injured through no fault of your own, contact Chaile and see why hiring local is the best choice.